Refrigerator Service

Not only can we check your appliance’s functionality but we can also provide prompt service to repair your refrigerator or freezer before your food goes to waste.

Washer Service

We understand the huge need to have a working washing machine & we provide fast, quality washer repair service that will ensure laundry days to run smoothly.

Dryer Service

At Dave’s Appliance Service, we not only repair dryers, we also make sure that your drying machine is performing at full capacity so that there will be less break downs in the future.

Stove & Oven Service

Call Dave’s Appliance to save the evening with our quick, trouble-free stove & oven repair service.

Dishwasher Service

We will make certain that your time is better spent in personal pursuits as opposed to taking time out of your day to do unnecessary dish washing & drying.

Microwave Service

Our microwave oven repair is fast, reliable and intent on meeting all of your appliance service expectations!